I’m Laura Barley (was Carter), an artist from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and I create paper collage animal portraiture.


Each portrait is made entirely from various types of paper that I carefully cut and layer. I create original paper collage portraits of wildlife and pets and accept commissions for custom artwork.

How is my artwork made?

First, I select the correct colours and shades of paper to match the image I’m making from my extensive collection of different coloured, patterned and textured papers (mostly wallpaper samples). Then, I cut, rip and manipulate the paper and builds it up layer by layer to create a tactile and textured piece of art. Finally, any tiny details that cannot be captured using paper are added using fine-liner pens.


Watch the video to see the process

Artwork and products

Check out my store where you can purchase original artwork, prints, greeting cards, postcards and more.

Get in touch

Email: paperwhiskersart@gmail.com